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Anonymous Hackers reportedly exposed the anti-Russian activities of the British Council

The Anonymous hacker group published an analysis of documents belonging to various British government agencies, including the Foreign Office, according to the local media reports. 

Anonymous previously accused British authorities and media organizations of influencing Russian-language media and attempting to shape the minds of their audiences in the way the West wants. In support of their position, the hackers published hundreds of copies of files that they called documents of the British Foreign and Parliamentary Ministries and organizations working for the authorities.

The analysis notes that the purpose of such manipulations is to change power in Russia and change the Kremlin's foreign policy.

It is also pointed out that the council is cooperating with British intelligence to be more effective.

The hackers noted the organization's activity in Russia's neighboring states: in the Caucasus, Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine.

"The British Council's operations in the Baltic States are well documented: they are designed to socially unite Russian-speaking communities in these countries, to make sure they have strong ties among themselves and feel an affinity with British and European values and culture, and are resistant to destabilizing narratives. Brilliant brainwashing," writes Anonymous.

The group cites photocopies of files to prove their claims, which include a call for proposals for communication in English in the South Caucasus, Moldova, and Belarus for fiscal years 2019-2022. Anonymous claims that it is a copy of the Foreign Ministry document, but there are no logos or markings on it to confirm this.

According to this document, the British State was willing to allocate 650,000 pounds per year for English language training in the regions, so the total cost of the three-year program should not exceed 1.95 million pounds.

However, according to Anonymous, the real purpose of the humanitarian programs of the British authorities in the post-Soviet space is "to break the foundations of the regime in Russia or to change its foreign policy".

Can we control our internet profile?

"In the future, everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes." So said the artist Banksy, but following the rush to put everything online, from relationship status to holiday destinations, is it really possible to be anonymous - even briefly - in the internet age?

That saying, a twist on Andy Warhol's famous "15 minutes of fame" line, has been interpreted to mean many things by fans and critics alike. But it highlights the real difficulty of keeping anything private in the 21st Century.

"Today, we have more digital devices than ever before and they have more sensors that capture more data about us," says Prof Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger of the Oxford Internet Institute.

And it matters. According to a survey from the recruitment firm Careerbuilder, in the US last year 70% of companies used social media to screen job candidates, and 48% checked the social media activity of current staff.

Also, financial institutions can check social media profiles when deciding whether to hand out loans.

Is it really possible to be anonymous in the internet age?

Meanwhile, companies create models of buying habits, political views and even use artificial intelligence to gauge future habits based on social media profiles.

One way to try to take control is to delete social media accounts, which some did after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, when 87 million people had their Facebook data secretly harvested for political advertising purposes.

- Netflix Cambridge Analytica film- Social media is 'like a crime scene'

- Facebook to pay $5bn to settle privacy concerns

- Is leaving Facebook the only way to protect your data? While deleting social media accounts may be the most obvious way to remove personal data, this will not have any impact on data held by other companies.

Fortunately, in some countries the law offers protection.

Employees dupe firm on Rs 1.42 crore

The employees of a reputed IT company have been accused of cheating the firm of Rs 1.42 crore by creating anonymous login ids to transfer the money.

The admin of Aegis Customer Support Services Pvt Ltd, a software company at ITPL in Whitefield, filed a complaint against its employees for cheating the company of $2,06,337 (about Rs 1.42 crore) and transferring the amount into their accounts.

Rakesh Kumar B K, a software engineer and also the admin at Aegis, stated in his complaint before the Whitefield police that the employees of the company had created anonymous login ids on July 23, 2018. Since then, they have transferred a total of $206337.

Kumar sought legal action against the staff. The police have booked them for cheating and criminal breach of trust of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Anonymous Threatens Government of Namibia over Black Rhino Hunt – Video

Hackers of an Anonymous-affiliated group called Team Defiant are threatening the government of Namibia after it allowed the US-based Dallas Safari Club to auction the chance to kill a black rhino from the country’s Mangetti National Park.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_9yM37qkH8

The organization says the money raised through the auction will go to a fund for the conservation of the endangered species.

However, as many others, the hacktivists are not convinced. That’s why they’ve launched a campaign called OpFunKill.

In a video statement they’ve published, the hackers threaten the Namibian government. However, so far, they’ve defaced the website of American Made Outdoors, a major supplier of hunting, fishing, camping and marine gear.

They’ve also defaced the website of Just Holidays, a Namibian travel company. At the time of writing, both sites are still defaced. Check out the picture below to see the hacked sites.